Police ‘recovers’ Ndeeba church properties-keyboards, piano, bibles, at Dodovic’s School

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Police and the community have recovered all items that were taken away from the demolished St. Peter’s Ndeeba Church of Uganda on Monday morning.
Police In a statement said the items where recovered from Ndeeba Junior Primary School that belongs to Dodovico Mwanje’s today.

The land, on which the 40 year old church building sits, is under contestation between the Christians and, a businessman -Dodovico.
‘ ‘The items that were recovered are music equipment, wall clocks, carpet, flat screens, keyboard, piano, bibles, hymns books, uniforms among others.’’ Patrick onyango, the Kampala metropolitan spokesperson said
He says the items had been locked in the school hall ‘ ‘but when police tried to locate the person with the keys, he ran away and they had to break in as per the law.’’

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Onyago says that while no suspect was arrested in the premises while recovering the things, the items have been handed over to the church leaders as investigations continue.
Police officers were reportedly guarding the land for several months and no Christian was allowed to access the building.

The area councillor Ms Farida Nakabugo said on monday morning that there was a huge presence of security operatives on Sunday night before the church was demolished.

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