Police issues tough guidelines for boat cruise, beach owners

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Following the boat cruise tragedy of November 24th, 2018 in which 32 lives were lost and a total of 37 survivors registered and 5 are unaccounted for yet. Police has issued tough guidelines for beach owners and other stakeholders.
Addressing journalists on Monday at central police station in Kampala, Police spokesperson SSP Emilian Kayima said all stakeholders and business persons must follow the new guidelines in order not to face closure.

Mr. Kayima said the Uganda Police Force Marine Unit are in the process of carrying out massive operations together with the ministry of Transport to inspect all boats and vessels on our water bodies to ensure their worthiness in avoidance of endangering lives as it was recently. They have already started with the lifesaving equipment like life jackets for passenger boats.

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All Beach owners must make sure that their beaches are secured from any unwanted persons by fencing it to have access control which is easy to enforce. This will make it easier for security to secure revelers who are at the beach.
Beach owners must make sure that they have a standby life savers’ team at the beach to monitor what is going on and in case of anything they can act immediately.
All beaches must have well lit environments to deter crimes that are propagated by darkness.

Revelers should NOT be allowed to enter the water after 6pm, any beach owner who allows revelers to enter the water after 6pm action will be taken against such beaches.
Revelers who have taken alcoholic must NOT be allowed to enter in the waters.
All beach owners to have a register where all revelers that are planning to swim are registered to know the number of people that have entered the water and those that have successfully come out of the lake safely.

For boat cruise, timings of the boat, the time that the boat should leave a particular beach should be clearly known to the authorities including the Police Marine Unit.
Regional Police Commanders and District Police Commanders whose jurisdiction have beaches must work with local authorities to see that these guidelines are adhered to strictly.

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