Police blocks BOBI WINE SHOWS AGAIN ‘‘we shall resist this impunity’’-Bobi speaks out

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In the letter addressed to Bobi Wine, but also copied to Abtex Promotions; Kampala Metropolitan Police Commander and all regional police commanders, Assistant Inspector General of Police, Assuman Mugenyi directed police commanders, to block all planned music concerts by Bobi Wine.

Mr Mugenyi says the commanders must comply because Bobi Wine has always disregarded the set and agreed upon guidelines for such activities.
While the letter is dated dated, April 19, 2019, Bobi Wine claims he only got the letter on Sunday morning.
‘ ‘We have just received letter from the Uganda Police Force stopping all our scheduled music shows – including the one scheduled for tomorrow [ Easter Monday] at One Love Beach, Busabala. They have been playing ping-pong games for over a month since we wrote to them. Three days ago, they wrote back to us giving us a litany of requirements’’ Bobi Wine said.

‘ ‘ We invested huge sums of money to meet their demands, some of which were unreasonable. This was in addition to what we have invested in advertising and preparing the show. I think they thought we would fail to meet them. When we did and submitted them, the responsible officers started hiding themselves from us! Last night, they intercepted the trucks which were carrying the machines for the show. Today, this is the letter they gave to us- no show.’’
Bobi Wine says while his shows have been blocked, other artists are not required to fulfill any of tough requirements they set for him ‘ ‘and their shows have not been stopped. This brings the total number of our blocked concerts across the country to 124 since October, 2017.’’ Bobi Wine noted.

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Read Mugenyi’s letter in full

In respect to the above captioned subject matter, yours to the Inspector General of Police dated 25th March, 2019, and our subsequent correspondence ref OPS/176/01, dated 15th April 2019.
This serves to inform you that despite the elaborate and clear guidelines well stipulated in our correspondences and the previous meetings we have had regarding the preparations for, the manner, the conduct, the characterises and security demands from your side, the previous concerns have fallen short of agreed upon positions in line with lawfulness, safety and security.

For example, the disregard for the set and agreed upon guidelines has quite often resulted in acts related to public nuisance, violation of traffic rules and regulations and various other misconduct which [is] not only a breach of the law but endangers lives of Ugandans, some of whom are not part of the revellers.
On the background, therefore, Uganda Police will not be able to secure your planned concerts and will not risk them to be carried out in any unsecure environment (s).

You will, therefore, have to suspend or stop such concerts until such robust public safety mechanisms are put in place to secure the revellers, other Ugandans who may be affected by such concerts and keep law, order, and public safety generally.
Respective territorial police commanders are by copy of this letter informed accordingly. Make sure there is compliance.
Looking forward for a future great coordination and cooperation.

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