Police blocks Bobi Wine Gulu concert ‘‘we have orders from above’’

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Yet again, Bobi Wine concert in Gulu has been blocked by the police! The show was slated for Sunday 2nd December 2018
Bobi Wine is a brief statement said he wrote to police three weeks ago informing them of the show and requested for security.

‘‘We complied with all the laws and invested a lot of resources preparing for the show. Today [Sunday 2december 2018], the police showed up at the venue cutting all banners and other advertising material without giving any explanation. ‘’ Bobi Wine said.
Police patrol vehicles were on Sunday seen moving around Gulu town, removing all the banners and posters! Attempts by Bobi Wine promoters to take to responsible officers were futile. ‘‘All they said is that they have ‘orders from above’ not to let me perform. ‘’ Bobi Wine added.

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Despite the setback, Bobi Wine assured fans in Gulu that the show will happen soon
‘‘Dear brothers and sisters in Gulu, I was looking forward to having a good time with you tonight. Very soon it will be possible. I know that God willing, one day, we shall free ourselves from this mess and be able to enjoy ourselves in the new Uganda. ‘’

Meanwhile , Bobi Wine returns to Gulu High Court at 9:00am today , concerning the what he calls ‘ ‘ tramped up charges’’ from the Arua incident.
The state contends that the accused, who also include MPs Kassiano Wadri (Arua Municipality), Gerard Karuhanga (Ntungamo Municipality) and Paul Mwiru (Jinja East), and others still at large threw stones at one of President Museveni’s car, smashing its hind windscreen on August 13 during the Arua Municipality by-election campaigns.

The group is expected to appear before Magistrate Isaac Imoran Kintu for mention of their case. Magistrate Yunus Ndiwalana, who was handling their case, was transferred to Iganga District in October.

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