Plascon Uganda launches Anti Mosquito Paint, the latest weapon in the war against malaria

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Manufactured by Plascon paints, the product is geared towards supporting Uganda’s efforts of being malaria free by 2020, has been tested and approved by ministry of Health and National Health Research Authority.

A product of Kansai Paints, the product is lead free and low emission product that can be used anywhere which makes it the ideal way to put people at ease if they are living in or visiting a high risk malaria area.
16 million cases are reported, and over 6,000 deaths recorded every year due to malaria. Uganda is the 9th highest malaria burden country in the world. It is estimated that every year, malaria contributes up to US$200 million in lost income to the Ugandan economy. When individuals contract malaria, they are absent from work, family members lose time nursing their loved ones including when they are admitted at hospital, add hospital costs, transport to hospital, among others.

The product is safe for use in residential homes, public and commercial buildings and is available from today in a variety of colours.
The modified acrylic emulsion contains what the company terms “knock down” technology, a pyrethroid-based additive that disrupts the central nervous system of a mosquito, reducing its movements and causing the insect to fall to the floor. The paint is also effective against spiders, flying ants, moths and other insects, while it also incorporates anti-fungus and anti-algae properties.The low toxicity of the coating also means it is safe for humans and pets.

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The “knock down” effect is able to last for up to two years, offering lasting protection from Malaria infection and other mosquito borne diseases says Dr. Abe Kalpana, Vice President Kansai Paints

He added: We had to ensure that even if the product is effective against mosquitoes, pregnant mothers, children, and everything else in the ecosystem would not be affected in any way by this product.
As part of the launch, Kansai Plascon also kicked off a campaign to donate paint to underprivileged communities.
“The ‘Hold my Hand” campaign aims at the highlighting the plight of the most vulnerable malaria victims who are children. We plan to make partnerships with other concerned stakeholders to ensure that we cause an impact as far as preventing malaria is concerned” said Lungi koni, the regional brand manager Plascon

Uganda has continued to make good progress towards a Malaria-Free nation by reducing Malaria prevalence markedly from 42% in 2009 to the current level of 19%

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