People Power Spokesperson graduates at Makerere

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Saasi Marvin, graduated with a Bachelor of Laws degree from Makerere University.
Bobi Wine described Marvin is a ‘‘brilliant, confident and courageous young Ugandan. When the regime called us hooligans for demanding to be governed better, Marvin declared himself ‘the self-appointed spokesperson of the People Power hooligans’.’’

Defiantly branding himself ‘proud hooligan’, he figured that it is more noble to be called a ‘hooligan’ for speaking against injustice, than be regarded ‘gentle’ for keeping silent in a time of great moral conflict. In his small frame lies a lot of will, resolve and determination to see Uganda get better.

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Bobi Wine says, Marvin is an example of the thousands of young people who inspire me each day for their wit and charisma.

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