PATERNITY FRAUD: 04 out of 10 men are not biological fathers of their children

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A DNA test revealed that Christopher Johnson wasn’t the biological father of the three children he had nurtured and invested in for almost 20 years.

The children; Esther, 19, Shirley, 17 and Stephen, 15, were born by the same mother who unfortunately was deceased.
Christopher, a retired architect, was compelled to find out the truth about the paternity of the children after a stranger turned up one day to claim he was their biological father and challenged him to a DNA paternity test.
Christopher received the shock of his life when the result proved that the stranger was indeed the children’s real father. It turned out that the man and his late wife had been involved in a long secret love affair that produced the three children he assumed belonged to him.

Many children are experiencing paternity scandals by learning that their father is really not their biological father.
There are reports that Nigeria has the 2nd highest rate of paternity fraud in the world after Jamaica.
In Nigeria, according to available data, at least four out of 10 men are not the biological fathers of their children. Lagos-based DNA experts confirm that many men do not know that they are not the biological fathers of their child.
According to the American Association of Blood Banks, globally, a third of all men are not the actual fathers of their presumed children.
“My life has crumbled. Living means nothing to me now than a pack of trash.”

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These were the shattering words of Mr Shogunle, who recently discovered that the four boys he catered for as a loving father would, were after all, not his biological children.
The startling discovery has not only betrayed the trust and confidence he had in his wife of 12 years, Betty, it has also stolen the happy atmosphere in the family.
The genesis of this revelation began in October 2017, mainly borne out of news making the round that his wife was having a clandestine relationship with their former driver.
The truth came to limelight on November 30,2018.

Explaining how he received the news that plunged him into a world of confusion, psychological and emotional trauma , Shogunle said, ” I had come home early because I was not feeling too well. I did not drive because I was too weak to do so. I did not know they were signals to danger ahead.
” I tiptoed into the sitting room to surprise my wife. Just then, I heard her speaking with someone on the phone. She was telling the person that she did not know how to break the news to me because it would destabilize me. She begged the person to let me have ‘them’. It did not dawn on me who she was referring to as ‘them’.
“The bombshell! I heard her say ‘James darling, please leave him and my children out of this since you still have me’.’’

“Then she said: ‘ you put yourself in his shoes. If you were told you’re not the biological father of four wonderful children, that have grown to know you as daddy, how would you feel?’ She burst into tears at that point, begging the person at the other end to let her husband and the boys be.’’
“At that point, I screamed and fell on the floor unconscious. By the time I woke up, I found myself in hospital with my four ‘children’ of ages 11, 8, 5 and 3 years respectively, by my bedside.

“I insisted we go for a DNA test to ascertain the paternity of my ‘children’. Lo and behold, none of them was mine.
“This may sound as a Nollywood story but it happened to me.”
There are several reasons why paternity issues are on the increase.
They include premarital sex and adultery. Married women are also considered safer to date.
A childless marriage is not a blessed marriage.
Women are usually considered as being responsible when there are no children. The onus is on her to prove that she is fertile and has not messed up her body before marriage.

The practice of multiple sex partners by young women is now commonplace. Some women keep two or three relationships juggling them until one of them is ready for marriage. The one who is first to be ready will bear it all.
Rape is also an issue. Most women are raped on dates and other circumstances by people known to them. Confessing to rape by a friend may be misconstrued while it may even jeopardise the relationship one is trying to protect.

Accuracy of DNA test
“DNA paternity testing is reputed to be 99.99 percent accurate when done properly,” according to Salami Abiodun, Senior Geneticist with DNA Centre for Paternity Test, Nigeria.
Paternity can also be established before the baby is born using a prenatal paternity test. The test can also be performed even if the alleged father is missing or deceased.
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