Pastors are worse than ordinary thieves; No prayers against poverty have ever made people wealthy-Pastor Male

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By Pastor Solomon Male
Many clerics (pastors, bishops, apostles, prophets, reverends, sheikhs, etc) even witchdoctors claim poverty is a demon, witchcraft, a curse, a spiritual problem etc and purport and boast of powers to cast or exorcise it; and lure people to give what they have to be delivered.

Many people have sold their properties, taken proceeds to such clerics to be cleansed never to get it back.
And instead of laboring to earn a living, people obsessively resort to spiritual entities to get the promised spiritual solutions.

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Many ignorant people desperate for financial rise, breakthrough have given to clerics all they have in exchange of empty promises and paraphernalia (anointing oil, holy water, bread, hankies, pens, rice, pineapples, pawpaws, talismans, incense, ashes, fish bones, etc) falsely purported to lead to financial prosperity and breakthroughs.
What people don’t know is that these are just typical fraudsters worse than ordinary thieves who capitalize on people’s ignorance and despair to manipulate and rip them off of even the little they have.

Clerics irrespective of rank, file and spiritual divides have evolved into broad day time shameless, ruthless and remorseless expert financial prosperity miracle and testimony fakers intended to lure those desperate for breakthroughs.
Sadly, many are trapped because of failure to use their faculty to think, reason, understand, perceive (see and feel realistically) and remember so as to take rational (well informed) decisions.

if true that poverty is a demon, witchcraft, a curse or spiritual problem but clerics are casting, praying against or exorcising it in vain, and people who have faithfully given and been prayed for or exorcised get even more impoverished then they don’t have the powers they purport to have: they are typical broad day thieves, liars and charlatans who must not be listened to or followed.

In Deuteronomy 28, it says if we obey God’s commandments, then all blessings will follow us at home, in the city, in the village, in our crops and flocks, when we go out and when we return, the fruit of our bodies and our hands, etc.
This means, God does not bless us because we pray so much, or because we are prayed for, or because we fast unceasingly or because of being in God’s house so much: He only blesses us when we venture out in the right direction and work with our bodies: mentally and physically with our hands, legs, etc. That is what clearly indicates our faith in God.

If this scripture means mere obedience to God’s commands with no necessity for hard work as many so interpret it, then no faithful Christian would be poor.
Even the Quran emphasizes hard work, honesty, patience, perseverance, prudence and thriftiness to get wealth, not being a prayer slave or mosque dueller to acquire it.
No prayers against poverty have ever made people wealthy: it is foresight and hard work in all we identify and choose to do or are told to do with all due honesty, patience, persistence, commitment, diligence, prudence, thriftiness, etc that have made the wealthy we see today and from time immemorial.

Abraham labored to work hard and rear animals; Jacob tended his uncle & father in law Laban’s flocks, David labored as a shepherd & valiant soldier, commander & king, Jesus labored in carpentry & step father Joseph labored as a Carpenter, Paul proved & labored as a tent maker, Peter proved a fisherman: the list can go on and on.
If there is no evidence that God has ever retracted his decrees in Gen 3 that women must painfully labor to bear children & that we must die and return to the dust He made us from; how can we seriously be deceived that He retracted his decree that we men must toil and sweat to earn a living and move up the scales of life which also applies to women who assume men’s roles?

See the lives purported prayer maestros, the clerics enjoy far and above that of their enslaved followers: earthly mansions & palaces; children educated in best schools and abroad, expensive medicare, Porsche vehicles and lavish lives, first class air travels with their families or flying in own jets, huge investments which ignorant followers cannot even understand, now some enjoying stoutly built (kanyamas) and private security even when on pulpits, and heavy state protection with guns, body guards and uniformed and non uniformed military units deployed, personalised police posts established etc.

Please sober up and reason. God allows and wants us to be objective, prudent and reason.
Thomas Edison said, ‘Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.’ This means, if you want to make it in life, have foresight and be ready to toil no matter what it takes with all due diligence, prudence, patience, persistence and thriftiness.

Our ancestors very wisely said, ‘A needy person is like a climbing yam, strives to find his / her way to the top.’ (Omunaku kaama yelandiza yekka.) This in no way means you have no faith in God; it rather means that with foresight and prudence you are ready to selflessly toil to harness God’s Providence.
Do not be deceived. The visionary and industrious life of Biblical Joseph hated by his brothers, dumped in a dry well, sold into slavery, falsely accused by Potiphar’s wife and unjustly incarcerated only to finally emerge appointed Governor of Egypt, the land of his enslavement in no way exemplifies demonic activity, witchcraft, curses or spiritual problem: it clearly exemplifies this adage and application of Deut 28.

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Therefore, poverty is neither a demon, nor witchcraft, nor curse nor a spiritual problem but a result of our failure to embrace the Biblical, Quranic and real life values of foresight, prudence, honesty, hard work, patience, persistence, commitment, due diligence, thriftiness etc which successful people have and have had.

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