Pastor Mondo advises women to keep away from SIX PACK MEN, ‘’they are all broke, their all brains is in the chest’’

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Pastor Mondo Mugisha of the Empowerment Christian Prayer Center International, ‘broke’ the internet for his remarks on men who work out, men with a toned body-also known as a six-pack.
He oversized pastor, who is also cum politician is at almost every place that draws the public’s attention advised ladies to stay away from guys who have nice, built bodies but empty wallets.

The man of God, who claims to be a mixture, of a Muganda, a Muhima and a Munyankore says such men with abs and sculpted muscles cannot be billionaires
‘ ‘I have never seen a man who is six pack whom is a billionaire. They are broke, they all walk on boda boda’s, and they use taxi, who find them in taxi parks walking.’’ Said the flamboyant man of God, who has a great sense in fashion and his outfits speak of wealth.

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Adding that ‘‘their all brains is in the chest.’’

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