Pastor Male to religious leaders: Why beg human beings to open churches, ‘ ‘ did the almighty God you worship become incapacitated?’’

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Pastor Moses Solomon Male, of Arising for Christ Ministries has castigated religious leaders for begging human beings to open places of worship as if the almighty God they worship is incapacitated.
March this year, Goverment suspended congregational prayers as part of the control measures against Covid-19
At a press briefing organized recently by the Information and Communication Technology-ICT Ministry at Uganda Media Center, Several church leaders asked government to open places of worship saying they are essential to the well-being of Ugandans

Pastor Solomon Brian Mwesige from Good News Church in Bulenga asked government to consider opening places of worship like it has done to shopping malls and other businesses.
He revealed that several people have been piling pressure on churches to ask government to open their places of worship. Dr. William Ssekanjako who represented the Catholic Church asked government to include them essential. He said government can put in place standard operating procedure for places of worship.
Rogers Nambuli from the Anglican Church said opening places of worship will give hope to many Ugandans.
On Tuesday, Ugandans on social media woke up to a photo of Bishop David Kiganda of Christianity Focus Ministries wearing a sack with words “I can’t breathe when churches are still closed”

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However, Pastor Male is of the view that religious leaders should turn to God as opposed to seeking help from Mortal men.
‘’ I am surprised that clerics have not bothered to think why the donkey hurt Balaam and spoke, and have instead continued to ask the donkey why it has decided to hurt church business while many other activities like Kikuubo and markets have been allowed to operate. I wonder why clerics are mobilizing masses to demand for church openings from Mortal men as if God has become disabled. ‘’ Pastor Male said on Tuesday.

He added: To me it indicates, either they aren’t heeding the God Almighty and He has decided to dislodge and expose them or they have never served Him the very reason they can’t turn to Him in such times of need.

‘‘All indications are that something is not right.’’

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The Man of God who has been on forefront of exposing the rot in churches asked Churchmen and women, to ‘ ‘instead of inviting masses to plead with the state, turn to God and ask Him what could have been done wrong and make amends.’’

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