Pastor Bujinjo: I know the number of times I visited Teddy Naluswa’s ‘Garden’

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Embattled House of Prayer Ministries International lead pastor Aloysius Bugingo shocked followers when he said that he remembers very well the number to times he visited Pr. Teddy Naluswa Bugingo’s [ ex-wife] ‘Garden’

I spent 29 years in marriage with Teddy, but I can count the number of times……….. With her. They are not more than 100. The Salt Media founder and renowned Prosperity Pastor said in one of his latest sermons. He added ‘‘I brought cotton all the time…this was beyond bleeding’’

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The City Pastor of the Makerere based church claims that if he was to cheat on teddy, this was best time to do so. ‘ ‘ When I announced that I was saved, my wife denied me access to …..’’ he said
At the start of this saga, Bujingo promised not to utter words that will shame his family “I kept quiet from the start that even my best friend does not know because I did not grow up in a noisy family. I will never utter out any statements that will take away my children’s peace,” he said

Well we did some maths, 100 times in 29 years that is an average of 3 times [access to the ‘Garden’] a year. Well, maybe some things better remain private issues.

Bujingo and Teddy have been married for 29 years and have four children
“Apart from my famous daughter you know, I have other children who are not popular and these are not the last ones as I am still getting others,” Bujingo said early this year.

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  1. Bijjingo please come down and keep your silence.just preach the gospel.less your shame is going beyond boders .it will help you, ministry,and fuur


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