Panic as Uber finalizes plans to launch in Uganda

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Cab-hiring firm, Uber has finalized plans to launch in Uganda.

The technology based modern tax service which connects drivers and passengers in real time will be launching in Kampala in a few weeks. The globally respected firm has already launched in Kenya, Ghana, South Africa and Nigeria.

Samantha Allenberg, the Chief Communication officer for Uber Africa revealed recently that Uber’s mission is to be in every progressive, forward city that has a need for safe, reliable and efficient transport.

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‘‘ We are part of a broader mobility movement, establishing smart cities of the future and we are constantly exploring our options. Uganda is among our priority markets’’

While the development is good news to passengers, for it brings efficiency and cheaper services, the traditional taxi operators commonly known as Special hires see this as a threat to their survival.

How it works

Uber connects millions of people globally at a touch of button. All the client needs is to log on Uber’s APP, and request for a cab. Within minutes, the nearest cab will be on the clients point of location.
The firm works with already existing drivers. However, the vehicles must be well maintained and in good condition. Besides, the driver must know how to use simple technology.
Uber charges a base rate-a fixed rate is charged per minute spent on the ride.

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