Only 15% Ugandans support Age Limit bill-survey

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A new study, titled: ‘Citizen’s Perceptions on the Proposed Amendment of Article 102(b) of the Constitution’ commissioned by Citizens Coalition on Electoral Democracy (CEEDU) and Uganda Governance Monitoring Platform (UGMP) reveals more than 85 percent of Ugandans are against lifting age limit. Or only 15 percent Ugandans support the bill.

The study sampled 50,429 citizens in 80 constituencies across the country. The selection of the 80 constituencies, the researchers say, was based on “public pronouncements that were made by the constituency MPs in support of, or opposition to the bill.”
The 3-month study [conducted between September, October and November ] reveals that 95 per cent of citizens in the eastern region do not support bill, 86 percent of the respondents in northern Uganda rejected the proposal, while 76 per cent of respondents in western Uganda are totally against the bill and 66 per cent of respondents in Buganda rejected the bill.

The study question asked was “Do you support the proposed constitutional amendment to Article 102(b) of the constitution of the republic of Uganda to remove the lower and upper age limits?”
Kyegegwa North in Tooro sub-region has the largest number of citizens supporting the amendment of the Constitution to remove the presidential age limit with 92 per cent of respondents endorsed the amendment.

At constituency level, the results do not differ from general results. However in some counties like Oyam South in northern region, Bulamogi, Bungokho South and Mable Municipalities — there was 100% opposition.
The study also shows that counties of Buikwe South, Lugazi, Gombya West, Bamunanila, Bukoto mid-west, and Bukoto mid-east all in central region, registered the lowest number of citizens who are opposed to amendment, averaging at 65% of the citizens sampled.

The Great Lakes Institute for Strategic Studies (GLiSS) executive director Godber Tumushabe who presented the survey findings at Olive Gardens, Bugolobi said it shows Ugandans are unanimously opposed to the constitutional amendment..

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“We found that out of the total number of citizens who participated in this survey 85 per cent are opposed to the removal of the age limit and 15 per cent are in support of the age limit. Tumushabe said.

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