Nsibambi hated the corrupt, he did not allow a dirty world to soil his hands

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According to Prof Apollo Nsibambi’s wife, Esther Nsimbabi, the former prime minister passed on decently and peacefully at his home on Tuesday evening.

Moving tribute

Hussein J. L. Amin‏

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Few leaders can claim the level of integrity as Apollo Nsibambi. Today’s society see’s honest public servants as stupid. Yet here we are all coming together to say goodbye to a truly good man of conscience, excellence and service.

Asuman Kiyingi

He is gone like we shall all go some day. But with him a rare breed of Ugandans has left us. At University in the 80s when I first met him he was an avid academic and debator.
I remember him relentlessly engaging “the left” then represented by Mamdani and standing his own in opposition to socialist idealism then in vogue for most academics. Fast forward to 2004. I had unfairly lost my job as Corporation Secretary National Medical Stores.

Justice Jotham Tumwesigye, IGG then, investigated the matter, cleared me of any wrongdoing and directed my re-instatement and the removal of the then culpable General Manager and the corrupt Health Minister who had victimized me. When no action was taken on the IGG report I petitioned the Prime Minister Prof. Nsibambi in his capacity as Leader of Government business.

He studied the matter and agreed with the IGGs findings upon which he issued instructions to the Minister. The Minister did not re-instate me. I later met him to be advised on the way forward.

He was visibly disappointed that there were corrupt Ministers who seemed untouchable. He mentioned three names of people he would never have in any government position if he were to have his way emphasizing, however, that he was not the appointing authority.

Like a good parent he advised me to move on assuring me that the sins of the corrupt and greedy always catch up with them. He was later to joke over my corporate world experiences when i joined government and advised me to always put in my very best and serve with utmost dedication and integrity.
Professor Nsibambi did not allow a dirty world to soil his hands. He despised the corrupt. Fare thee well Prof.

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  1. Rip.I Remembered his late wife,Rhoda Nsibambi ,she tought us sociology of Education at makerere university. She was good like Apolo Nsibambi.


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