NRM’s Kahima wins Ruhaama by-election

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The ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) candidate, Moses Kahima was on friday declared winner of the Ruhaama constituency by-election, defeating three independent candidates.

Declaring the winner at 12:25am Friday morning, the Ntungamo District electoral commission registrar Robert Beine, Mr Kahima polled 31,102 votes, while Eng Jackson Mubangizi Kabeikire ganrnered 16,345 votes and Dr Peninah Beinomugisha Jambo got 2,103 while Vastine Orishaba Byarugaba managed only 523 votes.
Citizens’ Coalition for Electoral Democracy in Uganda (CCEDU). Ccedu i a broad coalition that brings together over 800 like-minded civil society organizations and over eight thousand individuals to advocate for electoral democracy in Uganda; said: “there were reports of gross ballot stuffing that led to a halt of polling at Nyakibaare polling station in Rukoni East Sub County.”

It added, “The number of ticked ballot papers in the box did not tally with the number of voters ticked in the voter register. The Electoral Commission later ordered a fresh start of polling. CCEDU received similar reports of ballot stuffing at polling stations in Kyamwasha, Kahoko primary school, Nyamabaare and Mushunga in Rukoni East sub county.”
Voter Turnout

CCEDU noted with concern very low voter turnout at all polling stations visited.
“For instance by 12.00pm a total of 78 out of 526 registered voters had turned up at Ruhaama Primary School; and at 2.00pm a total of 183 out of 741 registered voters had turned up at Nyakagando Muslim Primary School polling station,” further reads the statement

CCEDU observed with satisfaction that polling officials generally conducted the process in accordance with the electoral law and the guidelines provided by the Electoral Commission.

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