NRM deputy Secretary General Tadwong fails to pay bank loan, bank selling 04 of his houses

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Ruling Party, National Resistance Movement, Deputy Secretary General Richard Tadwong is set to lose some of his properties after failing to a bank loan. The properties up for sale include one main house and three semidetached houses.
According to Speedway Auctioneers and Property Managers, Tadwong has up to 14 days [from today 26th June 2018] to pay bank loan plus bailiff’s fees, costs and disbursements.

‘ ‘ Duly instructed by our client, the registered Mortgage, we shall proceed to sale by public Auction Private in names of Hon. Richard Tadwong’’ the public notice by SpeedWay auctioneers reads in part.
Tadwong’s properties up for sale include main house located on MLR Kyadondo Block 221 Plot 2256, Nalyako and three semidetached houses residential houses located on Nduhura Close.
The bailiffs have also asked the tenants to vacate as soon as possible.

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‘‘The occupants are hereby directed to vacate the houses within 14 days of the date of advert, failure of which shall evict them forcefully at their cost and embarrassment’’
April this year, Todwong expressed discomfort about how some government officials get away with crimes like corruption and embezzlement. Mr Todwong said these are some of the reasons the NRM party will fall out of favour.\

“Corruption, greed and nepotism are things that are making Ugandans more disgusted in the leadership of our party in government. I’m speaking to you this because I know….. I have to be honest because my church told me to be honest. I have told this to the president. If we don’t control our greed and how we use public resources, then Ugandans will push us out of power,”

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