Norbert Mao: Bashir is out; Ugandans 2021 is too far

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Ugandans speak out on the fall of President Omar Al Bashir. He ruled Sudan for more than 30 years.

Norbert Mao, DP President

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Gen. Omar el Bashir is out. He “won” 95% in the last elections and his party had last August declared him a sole candidate for the 2020 elections.
The people of Sudan begged to differ. When will Ugandans beg to differ? Enough is enough. Twebereremu! 2021 is too far

Rosebell Kagumire

Women-led protests in Sudan are on the verge of ending Omar al-Bashir’s nearly 30yr long hold onto power! Follows what’s taken place in Algeria #2019YearOfAction

Atukwasize ChrisOgon

#Sudan’s dictator on way out, Uganda’s still adamant and driving

Bobi Wine
People Power is more powerful than the people in power. A people united can never be defeated. You can fool some people sometimes, but you cannot fool all the people all the time. Those who make peaceful change impossible make revolutionary change inevitable. Congratulations to the people of Sudan. Power to you brothers and sisters.
General Museveni, I hope you get the message loud and clear. when the Field Marshalls are brought down by the power of the people, then the generals should be on notice. #TuliyambalaEngule

Ian Katusiime‏ @GenKatusiime

#Bashir clearly shows that the army is still a key decision maker in polities across Africa; Zimbabwe, Algeria & now Sudan. The internal dynamics of all these countries are vastly different but the army had to pull the final trigger. Why?

Pavel‏ @pvl0101

Dear Ugandans, What’s happened in Sudan can’t happen in Uganda because the end of the road for (the) Museveni(s) will also be the end of the road for the UPDF as we know it. In your case, things will likely turn bloody because that’s how your leaders devised it, as a deterrent.

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