‘No man in Uganda can impress me’- Sheebah Karungi

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Sensational dancehall artiste, queen of the area Sheebah Karungi, has said that she does not see any man in Uganda who can impress her.
She made the revelation in an interview with the Observer.

‘‘I don’t see any man in this country who can impress me; let us give it a rest! ‘’ she said in response to question ‘ ‘ Are you single?’’
February last year, Sheebah Karungi confessed that she had failed to find herself a man. She made the revelation while appearing on NBS TV’s Live @5 show hosted by MC Kats on Valentine’s Day. “I think the problem is that I’m a woman of my own standards, and I stand by them,” Sheebah told Kats.

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Since Pallaso broke her heart, Sheebah Karungi commonly known as Queen Sheebah has literally been single and not searching.
To seal break up Sheebah sung Pallaso a song called ‘Wantama’ and Pallaso sang her a song called ‘Bagwamu’. Rumour had it that Sheebah went ahead to name her dog ‘ Pallaso’
The 29 year old of ‘team no dress’ has also been quoted as saying she is not the marriage type, but would love to have a baby someday.

Arguably one of the most successful artistes in the Uganda’s a music industry currently,has in past been quoted as ‘ ‘Men are not anywhere part of my plans’’
She has in the past declared that she has worked really hard for everything she has and she does not need any man to make it her life. She urges fellow women to be independent a she recently revealed that she has worked hard for everything she has, from her house, to the bills, hair, clothes, rent, among other things.

December last year, through one of her social media accounts, Sheebah posted her almost nude picture and dared men to zoom in and see what they can see.

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  1. OMG it’s amazing for a sweet beb of such status to be single anyway it’s great because it’s not easy queen sheeba to stand the tests with the career you do

  2. maybe she hasnt found a real man to rock her heart to level and its like she only searches of she is looked up by guys from the industry of music only. i just urge her to come out this way and she wont regret. sheeba should not forget that its not good or right for an already ripe to be left up on the branche yet the trunk is there to lead you up. for this case she is the fruit and we the eaters are hungry of her.


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