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Former press secretary to the president Tamle Mirundi has added his voice to Pastor Robert Kayanja recent announcement regarding witchcraft at State House.

‘’ when I heard him say there is witchcraft at Statehouse; I thought he was talking to me. I left my chair at Statehouse which had all sorts of charms.’’ Tamale Mirundi revealed.

He added: for the 13 years I worked at State house, I saw a lot. There are very few saved people there. Majority believe in African traditional, read Witchcraft

Mirundi made the revelation while on 89.6 Top Radio Talk show, hosted by Dustan Busulwa. Mirundi served as Press Secretary to the president for 13 years.

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Last week, Pastor Robert Kayanja warmed president Museveni that State House, the nerve centre of his administration, is beset with witchcraft.

Addressing the president, the chief guest at the end of the 77 DOGS (Days of Grace and Salvation) on Friday last week, Pr Kayanja said: “Your Excellency, witchcraft is everywhere, in Parliament and in the State House…’’

“What he [Pr Kayanja] said [about witchcraft] is very true,” Mr Museveni said, adding: “These Catholicism, Protestantism, and Muslimism, eh,… they are there, but also the traditional religions are there, and it is very strong and it is everywhere. Many people go to church during the day and in the evening they go to traditional religion. I saw this, but for me I mobilise all them……for peace, but you can sort out the rest later.”

President Museveni has in the past been quoted saying witchcraft was good because it helped them to win the

Liberation War of 1981 to 1986

“When we were fighting Obote, the Baganda fighters in NRA told me that to win this war, we shall slaughter a cock and you jump it holding a gun, when the dead cock is facing East, West, South and North and I jumped it four times and we won the war, we defeated Obote”.

Witchcraft in high offices

Last year , The Speaker of Parliament and Woman Member of Parliament for Kamuli District, Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga, visited ancestral shrines on Nendha Hill in Nakigo Sub-County, Iganga District in Busoga Kingdom and thanked her ancestral spirits for helping her to be elected the Speaker of Parliament aswell as Member of Parliament.

In 2006, newspapers carried a story and a picture of Prof Gilbert Bukenya, when he was still the Vice-President, kneeling before a medicine man offering money in a small kiganda basket appealing to the gods to enable President Museveni win the elections that year.

Last year,  MPs Evelyn Anite (Youth Northern) also state minister for privatization  and Peter Ogwang (Youth Eastern), camped at Liru Mountain in Koboko to seek blessings from their Kakwa ancestors ahead of the 2016 general elections.

In 2004, former Vice-President Prof. Gilbert Bukenya visited a shrine in Masaka for political blessings

In Tororo district, former resident district commissioner Kennedy Adhola Otiti was recently accused of performing rituals in his office to block his transfer to a ‘dry area’. Otiti was transferred to Alebtong

In Masaka Municipality, former mayor John Tebyasa Matovu developed a strange illness that affected his memory. rumours circulated that some members on Tebyasa’s executive bewitched him

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In 2011 in Kaliro, the then newly-elected district chairman, Wycliffe Ibanda, found fetishes under his chair, which his predecessors had used. Ibanda refused to sit on the chair.

In 2015, the sacking of the Busia district chairman, Ouma Adea, aborted after Police dogs sniffed fetishes in one of the chairs in the district council chambers.
In 2010, fetishes that included included herbs, coffee beans, brown powder, dead fire flies and decomposing bats, were wrapped in dry banana leaves were discovered in the ceiling of an office at the National Forestry Authority (NFA) headquarters. That was at a time when NFA was struggling with financial scandals, some of which had resulted into the sacking of top administrators.


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