Nantaba: ‘‘Things have gone bad in Uganda, Museveni is surrounded by bad people who manipulate him’’

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President Yoweri Museveni recently denied media reports that there are mafias in his government.
While responding to one of the commentators Rogers Kagaba, on social media who wanted to know whether mafias in Uganda are real.

‘‘There are no mafias in Uganda.’’ The president said
However, State Minister for ICT and National guidance who claims to have survived murder five times, in an interview with NBS TV on Thursday insisted that there mafia’s in president Museveni’s government.
‘‘Tamale Mirundi [the presidential advisor on the media] keeps talking about mafias surrounding President Museveni and that is very true.’’ Nantaba said.

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She added: My tormentors are very close to the President. I told him [president Museveni] you’re are a prisoner……bad people bring you information. The good information is blocked from reaching you.
Asked how she wants the president to help her, Nantaba had this to say:
‘‘The president needs to clean the police. Have the courtesy to touch the untouchables. The country is suffering but some people can’t be brought to order. Every time you cross their line, you’re looking for bloodshed.’’
Who wants to kill you? Are you at liberty to name whom you suspect?

The Kayunga woman MP said he was not at liberty but, said she that has mentioned the names to the president.
‘ ‘Things have gone bad in Uganda, they’ve gone beyond. It hurts when people in government try to kill you. I know who wants to kill me.’’ She added.
To the question are you paying a price for politics or something beneath? Did you cross someone’s red light? The minister said: ‘ ‘: I crossed someone’s red light. We have untouchables in this country.’’
Adding that ‘‘I’m a prayerful woman and God knows my calendar. There are times when I want to run away but I serve a living God.’’

Asked whether she feels proud that the government she serves wants to kill her? Nantaba said ‘‘ If there are thieves in the church who steal from the people, how about in the government? My only hope is in God.’’
How did you catch the eye of the president? ‘‘President Museveni is interested in people who want to serve this nation. He is the biggest servant who needs a helping hand.’’

August this year, Minister of State for Privatisation and Investment, Ms Evelyn Anite also said there is a plan by mafias in president Museveni’s government to kill her.

“The plan by the mafias is to take Anite out of the picture, I might die but history will judge them. You know the mafias, they are the ones who have been blocking the audit,” she said.
“These mafias are not jokers. Go and ask Abiriga” she added.

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  1. The main problem is no way how to reach the President But the problem is Police, how can u give guns to civilian like what was done by Kayihura to Kitata, and u apologize later when people have tortured ending with loosing their life.


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