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Information reaching us reveals that Music Boycott for Tubonga Naawe artists is real. Last Saturday, while on a music festival in Iganga town organized by local station R-FM, the fans refused the duo of Mozey Radio and Weasel to step on stage.- and the crime? They are part of the Tubonga Naawe clue.

Why Mozey Radio spent Easter weekend in Butabika hospital

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And when they insisted to sing, the fans did the expected, they started throwing stones, chairs, bottles and anything they could land onto the stage.

According to an eyewitness, for more than an hour, it was total madness.

Here at Newz Post, we think, we are brothers and sister. We must live in harmony.

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  1. That expresses the people’s feelings
    Those musicians should denounce tum bonga nawe by singing the bad leadership we have
    So they can be forgiven ‘

  2. Comment: That’s a stronger intention against a thieving government. Bravo Iganga!! Let Sevo feed them on our taxes , but let them suffer. Next time, they will learn what Uganda desires. CHANGE!!

  3. why do u bring race segregation!everybody has aright to do what he/she want!This shows wat can happen when besigye goes into power!

  4. they did nothing, even if they stoned them, but mozey end radio had already recieved their money, instead they would have not come for da show, so they wasted their money.

  5. Comment: i need change too but i cant wont stop voting 4 m7 if kifefesi is at the opposition. hopeles. wama #teamgd_lyf for lyf

  6. اlf l waz thea, l wuld do the same to so tht they get to knw whts on ground. l wish bobi wine played them situka after tht senario..

  7. Bobi ali ku mulamwa atte ts jst d beginnin for the tubonga nawe foolz……….wama Bobi lets teach the truth……#FREE BESIGYE!

  8. we just expect more.
    a counter part that robes friends of freedom should be treated as a traitor.
    the Tubonge artist include Leon Island boss who claims abandoned Ugandans far long should realize that masses are crying tears. En that is was not just them.

  9. Comment: Its simple, just cough the money and show to the public that it was meant to be used in our hospitals to buy a bed for that delivering mother who currently does delivery on the floor, show the public that that money was meant for service delivery and do exactly what should have been done with the money to show govt that they did wrong to divert tax payers money… so simple and may be, get me right here, May be you will receive the pipos sympathy and have some shows happen and ripe big…

    Bebecool is not putting up a show but instead doing a very bad PR for all those artist who were party of the Tubonga Nawe project…

    Ask your self why he is not putting up a show, coz he knows what’s boiling up for him down there….

  10. it should get worse that even FM Radio stations Playing their Music should be Boycotted.
    the Cost bent in their knees should reflect the paint in the hearts of entire Nation.
    Ugandans now hv power to say anything after all.

    Good to know that it is not a Joke.

  11. Always think before u act bananga… kati kebakilabee. en we are not forgiving any of them not until they take back that money


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