Museveni’s Video-workout is about 2021 ELECTIONS, not COVID-19 – The real message is: I am still fit to rule!-Mwenda

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President Museveni on Thursday released a video to encourage Ugandans to exercise at home during the coronavirus pandemic. In the video which has since gone viral, Museveni in a track suit can be seen doing push-ups inside his living room.

The pictures come just a day after the head of state banned outdoor exercises to avoid the spread of Coronavirus. On Thursday afternoon, Museveni posted on his official Twitter handle: “Just like I had earlier promised, I started my day with indoor exercising.”
In the video, the president, barefoot, starts off by jogging around the room to warm up. He then gets down to do 21 press-ups in one go, as his press team counts along. He does 30 press ups in total.

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“I saw a video of so many people on the Northern bypass walking and running around that, they are exercising.This should stop. If you want to exercise, you can do that indoors. I will show you how it is done tomorrow [Thursday]. I will do a video for you,” said Museveni during his national address on Wednesday.

Workout not about COVID-19, but 2021 elections

Andrew Mwenda who is said to be close to centre of power, in tweet observed that Mr. Museveni’s workout is about upcoming elections
‘ ‘Today President Museveni showed off his gym skills to prove that he still has it! This is not about COVIDー19 but elections of 2021!’’ Mwenda tweeted.

He added: The message is not for people to workout at home during this lockdown that is the side show! The real message is: I am still fit to rule!
In January this year, Mr Museveni walked 200 km (125 miles) through the Luweero triangle, where he had his bases as he fought the war that brought him to power.

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