Museveni will retire when he feels its time- Don Wanyama

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Senior presidential Press Secretary Don Wanyama has described President Yoweri Museveni as ‘‘very independent minded’’ man.
In response to question ‘‘Does the president still need to ponder on what happened during the age limit?’’
‘‘I’m sure when the president feels it’s time to retire, he will.’’ Mr. Wanyama said.

Gen. Museveni has ruled Uganda for three decades, with five presidential terms in office.
‘‘He [President Museveni] is very independent minded even if it means displeasing the majority.’’
Don Wanyama said during an interview with local TV station on Wednesday.
Wanyama explained that Democracy is about what the majority choose.

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In an interview with Aljazeera in 2017, President Museveni said Uganda is one of the most democratic countries in the world and that he is leading his people out of poverty and to an even better future.
‘’Uganda is one of the most democratic countries in the world. In terms of free speech, we have something like 250 private radios, which say whatever they want. We have so many television stations, private. The empowerment of women – many women compared to other countries – in leadership.’’ The president said.

The Masaka Municipality MP Mathias Mpuga , observed that the only justice President Museveni can dispense is to reflect on the fact that he has served and try to participate out of power. ‘’He’s not organizing his party, he’s strengthening the centre’’ Mpuga said.
The MP says president Museveni 75, needs lots of rest to catch up with the demands of Ugandans because the biggest population we have is young people with very many demands.

‘ ‘At an advanced age, one needs time to rest and think about his achievements and transgressions. The lifting of the age limit was one of those unfortunate events in our history, one of the last gates that were lifted.’’ He said.
March this year, President Museveni accepted a resolution by National Resistance Movement Central Executive Committee caucus to lead his party and the country into 2021 elections and beyond.

Mr Museveni told MPS during the retreat at the National Leadership Institute in Kyankwanzi District that it was “an opportunity to add more steps to our mission-driven journey to make our country sustainably invulnerable.”
“I am therefore humbled by your confidence in me, and since I am still very able, I’m sure that together, we shall in the coming years finally deliver an economy that can sustainably deliver jobs to our young people,” he said.

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