Museveni warns ‘pigs’ threatening investors to run away from Uganda, ‘‘we will get you, we will defeat you’’

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President Museveni has warned what he called Pigs and parasites, who have made it a habit to send threatening messages to investors and potential investors to Uganda
‘‘What sort of politics is it that does not welcome the industrialization of Uganda and yet you claim to be concerned about the welfare of the masses? You are bogus and a charlatan and we have dealt with many in the last 60 years of struggle.’’ The president said on Saturday.

He added: I am sending this message to the investors to be calm. We shall expose and defeat these pigs, the parasites. Who is it that does not want Uganda to industrialize and why ? They claim to be politically motivated.

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Assurance to investors

The president went ahead to list the measures government is talking to protect the investors
‘ ‘The investors be assured of the following’’ the president wrote

(a) Any message sent on electronic gadgets can be traced. It is a matter of patience and equipment;
( b) Some of the messages were sent on Swedish and Australian numbers. Through Interpol, these are traceable;
(c) Within Uganda, we are putting in place equipment for smart and safe cities which will expose all these pigs;
(d) In the meantime, we shall deploy Police personnel on all the industrial parks and even in isolated factories; be vigilant and report to the Police anything suspicious.

The president also assured the investors that ‘ ‘Once our Smart and Safe City systems are in place, the security personnel will be withdrawn. We shall then, depend on remote monitoring. The actions of the pigs are shallow schemes; they will be defeated’’
Uganda on the take off

President Museveni says, Uganda is unstoppable.

‘ ‘we also had to rely on our own resources to build the base of the economy ( the infrastructure- roads, electricity etc). ………. Given our huge natural resources and the big African market which our movement, the NRM, has been working together with our Pan – Africanist elders and Comrades, investors, especially the manufacturers are beginning to flow in’’ he said.

Mr. Museveni revealed that when he started the Uganda Manufacturers Association with the Late James Mulwana, ‘ ‘we only had 80 members. The factories, today registered by the Uganda Registration Services Bureau are 4,737.’’
‘ ‘Only the other day, near Tororo , I commissioned the first phase of the Sukulu Industrial town which has an annual turnover (the value of the products from there per annum) of US $500 million . This will stop the imports of fertilizers of US$ 50million, steel products of US$ 403million etc and create 3,500 jobs after the final phase.’’

‘ ‘At Kapeeka recently, I commissioned the factories of ceramics, fruit processing etc. This has frightened the parasites and other pigs that do not appreciate value. These parasites, these pigs have been sending threatening letters and recorded messages to steal money from these investors or to even frighten them so that they run away.’’
We shall defeat them, he concluded.

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