Museveni wants Ugandan scientists, engineers to design and make computers

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President Museveni on Monday inaugurated the national taskforce that will guide the country on its journey into the fourth industrial revolution.
Under the Office of the Prime Minister, and the ICT Ministry, the taskforce will be led by Eng. John Nasasira. The function took place at State House Entebbe.

‘ ‘Even as we talk about this revolution and advancement in technology, we must not forget that man’s basic needs remain food, shelter, clothes, and now education, locomotion and security. Technology, therefore, must be about serving these human needs. ‘’ the president said.
‘ ‘As Africans, however, we must avoid blind consumption of technology, which could cause hemorrhage. For example, non-productive users of mobile phones help telecoms collect money which they then ship out of the country, affecting our economy. ‘’

He added: it is good this taskforce has been formed. It is a new capacity for the human race, whose evolution dates to 1.5 million years ago, when man invented fire. Since then, several innovations have happened to change man’s lifestyle, and we are now at this fourth Industrial Revolution.
The president called upon the team to think in a holistic manner, not uni-dimensional.
‘ ‘ I have been watching some speakers suggest that Africa should not engage in manufacturing, instead focusing only on food production. We should avoid such landmines. Africa must manufacture and focus on areas of its comparative advantage. ‘’

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The Head of State challenged the team to be practical. ‘ ‘Why should we have software engineers who cannot make computers? Ugandan scientists must not just be users of gadgets, they must design and make these gadgets like computers. We should have complete integration from foundation to final products.’’

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