Museveni urges Ugandans to use prevailing peace in the country to get out of poverty

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With the First Lady and our family, President Yoweri Museveni joined the faithful at Nshwerenkye Church of Uganda in Kiruhura District for Christmas service led by Rev. Meshach Kihondwa.

In his speech, the head of state called on Ugandans is to utilize their talents to the fullest. ‘’Importantly, I urge you to use the stability the country enjoys to improve your individual income stations.’’
He added: In the agriculture sector, it is increasingly clear that people are applying themselves to the fullest. The bumper sugarcane, maize, banana harvests and milk glut among others is evidence of this.

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He revealed that government will now do more to support value-addition to ensure we do not just sell these products in the raw form but also diversify their by-products to deal with the issue of excess harvests.
The president also asked the farmers to ensure they enforce good farming practices.

October this year, the Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga while speaking at the launch of Busoga Cooperative Sugarcane value addition incubation centre in Kitayunjwa, Kamuli district revealed that there is a lot of value addition that can be done to sugarcane production
“We can make a cottage industry out of the byproducts of sugarcane and make money. You can generate jobs out of the things you can do with bagasse instead of throwing it away,” she explained.

Kadaga urged the sugarcane growers in Kamuli to buy all the necessary machinery and equipment so that they make their own products instead of applying for a license to grow sugarcane and supply it to factories.
“There is a lot of money you can make from making of mats, paper bags and sanitary towels out of bagasse, the fibre that remains after extracting juice from cane,” she further noted.

Dr. Grace Nambatya, the Director of the Natural Chemotherapeutic Research Institute (NCRI) showcased machinery that processes sugarcanes to produce sugar cane juice
She said that the juice can be consumed and is useful in fighting cancer, cleaning of teeth and cures bad breath, and the sugarcane that has been used to extract juice can be turned into toilet paper.

“There is a manually and electronically operated sugarcane juice extractor which squeezes juice out of the sugarcane that is healthy for consumption by a diabetic person as well. The juice can be used to make cough syrup, feeds for cows and other sugarcane byproducts,” Dr. Nambatya noted.

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