Museveni: Uganda is already a modern country- ‘‘see all the good roads’’

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President Museveni has said that some people did not believe him and the National Resistance Movement (NRM) when he said government was going to transform Uganda into modern country.
The president noted that people originally did not know what NRM was telling them. “We emphasized that we are going to develop Uganda to become a modern country. All of you today came on good roads.

‘ ‘ Imagine all the way from Koboko to Kamwenge, over 800 km is tarmac road……those who undermine NRM development trends should get saved/repent”, the President said.
The president made the remarks at the International day for People with Disabilities (PWD) celebrations in Kamwenge district, the national venue to observe and commemorate the International Day for People with Disabilities in the country at Kamwenge Primary School grounds.

Mr Museveni urged planners for national development to consolidate on prioritization. “Government put more emphasis on economic recovery, infrastructure first. Less money was allocated to education sector, water…..not because we cannot manage but because we cannot handle all at once.
President Museveni caused laughter to gathering when he mentioned that he does not want the population PWDs to grow beyond 4.4 million but I want other population grow. “We need to block all the possibilities of disability to prevent more disabilities like we did to eradicate polio, measles. Even accidents are preventable”, he said.

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According to the national population census of 2014, the population for PWDs in the country stands at 4.4 million people rated at 12.4% (percent).
Addressing the issue of employment opportunities for PWDs, President Museveni was applauded by the excellent performance of some elements of PWDs in society saying that disability has nothing to do with working.

He however, advised that “the better method for PWDs for employment is self-employment”, adding that Operation Wealth Creation implementation at household level is another method using the line of special grant from government.

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