Museveni to Muslims: Do not misuse the freedom of worship govt has guaranteed

File photo: President Museveni speaks to muslims
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President Museveni has urged Muslim community in Uganda to use the freedom of worship which government has provided properly and not be misused in anyway- the president said in his Eid-El-Fitir day message.
“On behalf of the government of the Republic of Uganda and on my own behalf, I congratulate the Muslim community upon the successful completion of the sacred month of Ramadhan and wish you happy Eid-El-Fitir celebrations,” the president said on his twitter handle.

He added: Freedom of worship is among the fundamental human freedoms, which this government has guaranteed and ought not to be misused in any way.
Mr. Museveni said God has given Uganda a beautiful country with enormous natural resources.
“The challenge now is for us to have the wisdom to effectively use these resources to ensure a decent and harmonious living among our people,” said Museveni.

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“Our task therefore, is to boldly and with knowledge, face the challenges of poverty which lead to poor conditions of living among our people.”
Police has in the past arrested Muslims reportedly linked to terrorism activities in Uganda. For example, on June 16 thirteen suspects were charged with the assassination of Kaweesi and his two aides; bodyguard Kenneth Erau and driver Godfrey Wambewo. They are: Mr Abdul Rashid Mbaziira Buyondo, Mr Ramadhan Noor Diin Higenyi, Mr Yusuf Mugerwa, Mr Bruhan Baryejusa, Mr Umar Maganda and Mr Ahmed Shafic Ssenfuka.

Others are: Mr Hassan Tumusiime, Mr Ibrahim Kiisa, Mr Othman Muhammad Omerette, Mr Hamid Magando, Mr. Abdul Magid Ojegere, Mr Sheikh Musa Abu and Baker Ntanda.
Prosecution states that the accused on the morning of March 17, 2017 at Kulambiro in Kampala shot and killed Kaweesi, Erau and Wambewo. They are also facing charges of terrorism and robbing the deceased of a rifle and a pistol after the murder.

On the count of terrorism, the prosecution contends that the suspects and others still at large, between January and March 17, in the districts of Kampala, Wakiso, Mukono and Jinja among other places, with intent to influence the government and intimidate the public for social, economic and political gains, involved themselves in terrorism namely killing Kaweesi.

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