Museveni: Term limits are stupid ideas; leadership in Africa is war, it is not Food

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President Museveni has hailed the people of Koboko for supporting the old man with a hat.
‘‘I thank you for supporting my candidature. We are going to do many good things in the days to come.’’ The president made the remarks on Saturday launching phase four of the National Backbone Infrastructure Project in West Nile and Karamoja region.

‘‘By making the constitution flexible, you are doing the wise thing. Those people who don’t know what they are talking about, term limits , those are just stupid ideas.’’ He said.
February last year, President Museveni commended the 317 NRM MPs who contributed to the constitution amendment to allow him stand for president beyond the age of 75 years.

“I thank the 317 Members of Parliament for the good job they performed. I congratulate them because they have become historical by contributing towards the stability of the country. The opposition provoked us. They threatened the 317 MPs who have spearheaded the move to streamline their country,” he remarked.
He added: Some of those people who do not what they are talking about think leadership is food.
President Museveni reportedly angrily scolded his ministers for being reluctant to publicly counter what he called deliberately constructed lies spread by the Kyadondo East MP.
The president delivered the angry reprimand while chairing an ordinary cabinet meeting on April 29 at State House Entebbe.
The president reportedly asked his ministers why they had allowed an “ambitious young man” to roam free attacking him. He asked of what importance they have been to him “since this young boy became MP and later

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During his speech in Koboko today, The head of state also said that leadership in Africa is war ‘ ‘there are so many things to do. The more people you have available, the better. You have an old man of 75 who can help, why would you say he should go?’’

Hon. Anite Evelyn, the Koboko Woman MP told the president that ‘‘NRM is growing stronger in West Nile. Just like wine, the more it stays, the sweeter it becomes.’’
Phase IV of infrastructure project backbone, being implemented by the National Information Technology Authority – Uganda, is intended to extend internet connection the districts of Pakwach, Nebbi, Arua, Yumbe, Koboko, Adjumani and north eastern districts of Katakwi and Moroto.

The objective of the National Data Transmission Backbone Infrastructure and e-Government Infrastructure Project is to provide connectivity to Government Ministries and Departments in the country.

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