Museveni sternly warns UPDF against involvement in land evictions

File Photo: President Museveni in Lusanja zone in Wakiso district
File Photo: President Museveni in Lusanja zone in Wakiso district
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President Museveni on Sunday joined Ugandans to mark Heroes Day in Kasanje, Wakiso District.
The president explained that the NRM chose to commemorate Heroes Day because ‘’on June 9th, 1981, in Kikandwa, Nakaseke District, the then government army arrested nine of our supporters and executed them without any judicial process. These supporters were led by Medard Lutamaguzi who had escorted me on June 6th to catch a boat on my way to Nairobi. They were arrested thereafter and executed on June 9th.’’

‘’They were asked to reveal our whereabouts or get killed and they took the path of sacrifice. They chose to die rather than betray us. It is why we mark this day.’’
He added: And it was not just them, thousands more were killed. In Luweero Triangle, we have 33 mass graves. This day, therefore, is in memory of all those who had to sacrifice for the success of the liberation struggle.
About the infrastructure in this area, the president said government will soon construct the Mpigi-Kasanje- Nakawuka-Kisubi road. It is a historic road, I used it twice during the struggle and Battalion Five led by China and Kashillingi used it as we captured Kampala in 1986.

The head of state also said that government shall also tarmac the road to Busabala and the bridge from Entebbe to Nakiwogo
Gen Museveni urged residents to explore avenues that create wealth.
He said the Government has put a lot of emphasis on infrastructure development (like roads and electricity) but still has a problem of eliminating poverty amongst some communities.
President Museveni pointed out that development is for all while wealth belongs to an individual, company or corporation.

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He therefore cautioned every citizen to engage in income generating facilities like commercial farming, setting up small scale industries (like maize mills or bakery),service delivery (like exploring public transport-boda boda) or investing in information communication technology to eradicate poverty. “Everybody should engage in wealth creation to fight poverty,” stressed the President.

On the issue of land evictions, the head of state also reiterated that no one is allowed to chase bibanja holders from their land. ‘‘’It is not allowed in the law and I caution those doing this. I also sternly warn any soldier against involvement in illegal evictions.’’

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