Museveni spends Easter holiday visiting homes preaching wealth creation

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President Yoweri Museveni spent Easter holiday visiting homes preaching wealth Creation.
He particularly visited homes of people whose parents have passed on in in Kiruhura District

The president explained, the idea is to mobilize the children of the deceased against dividing the land and property of their parents but rather create a legal entity in the form of a family company in which they are all directors.
‘ ‘It is a campaign I began in earnest on Good Friday, when I visited the homes of Late Yakobo and Janet Rwaburemba and that of Late George Kifenene, all of Kashongi County in Kiruhura District. I advised that the children, acting as shareholders in the company, take executive decisions on enterprise selection, it’s execution, then partake of profits depending on shareholding. ‘’ he said.

He added: It is a campaign that I urge political, religious and all types of leaders to join me in popularizing across the country. If we do not do this, we face extinction at the hand of land fragmentation.
‘ ‘In this, it is important to understand that family wealth is not only good for the individual families and communities, but for the country as well because that is how we grow capacity to feed our people, supply raw materials to industries, export, create employment, among others.’’
The head of Stare explained that he is engaging Ministry of Agriculture officials to sensitize people about alternative farming methods for maximum results.

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‘ ‘For example, cattle keepers can go from current 314 cows per square mile to up to 6,020 cows per square mile if they used better farming methods. These include allowing the land to breathe and absorb water after ploughing, growing animal fodder and taking it to the cows, etc.’’
In the medium term, the president said, the alternative is to plough, and grow the fodder, and practice rotational grazing or paddocking. This would result into a capacity of 1,920 cows per square mile. This is a model I have spoken of for a long time, in different parts of the country and different enterprises.

‘ ‘Therefore, this Easter, I am undertaking to reignite the cause of mindset change as we grow to sustainable development across the board. I invite all countrymen, country women and Bazukkulu to join in this campaign against poverty.’’

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