Museveni speaks out on murders: ‘ ‘Police is dead, No more Police bond for people suspected of killing others’’

Museveni carrying a gift donated to him by supporters in Kamwenge
Museveni carrying a gift donated to him by supporters in Kamwenge
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President Museveni has said that Uganda Police is dead. Speaking out on the murder of Arua Municipality MP Ibrahim Abiriga during the reading of 2018/19 National budget at Serena Hotel on Thursday, the president said that government is getting them [Police] from death.
In March this year, the Museveni said that the criminals that had infiltrated the Police will now be removed after the ‘bean Weevil’ was removed. ‘‘Those criminals can be arrested only that Police had been infiltrated by a “bean weevil” that was now removed, we shall now get them’’.

At Serena Hotel, the President asked Parliament to allow him make a statement to the nation on National Security next week.
‘‘On crime, parliament should allow me address it on issues of national importance. I will come give an analysis & what we are doing about it’’ he said
He added: People are annoyed, and scared. I am also annoyed, but confident that we shall crush all those who have been involved [in recent spate of murders]. People are sad. I am sad, I am angry, but I am confident we will defeat these pigs

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Gen, Museveni also vowed never to accept police bond anymore and no more bail for killers.
‘ ‘I don’t to hear about police bonds any more, some people suspected of killing people should not be given police bonds any more, no way, these people are pigs. I don’t want institutions to clash but bail for people who kill our people will not be accepted’’ the president said.
Meanwhile, Government has unveiled a set of projects that are hoped to help ease the level of insecurity in the urban areas.

Minister of Finance Matia Kasaija, while delivering the 2018/19 Budget, noted some criminal minded individuals, want to destruct Uganda’s peace, this budget will be prioritizing the issue of security.
Among others, the minister said government will implement the Safe City project which will involve installation CCTVs.
He also mentioned construction of a Regional Forensic Referral Centre which is hoped to strengthen the investigative capacity of law enforcement agencies through application of modern scientific techniques. The centre is currently under construction at the Police Headquarters in Naguru.

Kasaija also mentioned implementation of the Crime Record Management System (CRMS) under Police’s ICT Directorate, which is hoped to ease case monitoring and management of crimes reported
Minister Kasaija also said government plans on enhancing training of investigators to improve the capacity of the Uganda Police to deal with crime.

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