Museveni sends out success cards to ‘O’ & ‘A’ level students

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President Museveni has sent out success cards to ‘O’ and ‘A’ Level students throughout the country with special message: “I trust that good seeds have been planted in you’’
‘‘I want you to always know that Uganda values you all and looks forwards to your success’’ the president wrote.
O-levels begin on October 16 to November 20, PLE November 2nd to 3rd and UACE November 13th to December 5th 2017.
The president in message to the more than 800,000 student said: ‘ ‘ I trust that good seeds have been planted in you and will see a good harvest’’

He added: I send you prayers and Kind wishes.
Recently, Uneb executive secretary Dan Odongo, indicated that at least 1,072,740 candidates had registered for exams at all three levels this year compared to last year’s 1,068,352.
UCE candidates will be briefed on October 13 while the first papers; 535/3 Physics (practical) and 612/2 IPS Still Life/Nature will be written on October 16, 2017. Candidates will end their exams on November 20 with Technical, Mechanical, Building and electrical papers.

On November 10, briefing of UACE candidates will start. On November 13, the candidates will write their exams starting with European History III; History: World Affairs 4 and Mathematics 1.

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