Museveni recognizes OFWONO OPONDO’s work at Media Centre, renews his contract for the 3rd time

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President Yoweri Museveni on Monday re-appointed Ofwono Opondo to head the Uganda Media Centre (UMC) for another three years.
This is the third time, the president is extending contract of the veteran journalist and former deputy spokesperson of the National Resistance Movement.

The UMC is a body that provides professional media and communication services to government departments.
First appointed in May 2013 [replacing Fred Opolot] for a three-year contract that the president renewed in November 2016
In 2016, Ofwono Opondo told journalists that ‘‘this shows that he [the president] has confidence in me’’.

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Ofwono Opondo on Kayihura’s sacking

“While Kayihura has done a good job, I think it was time for him. The end has been a bad one but the 12 years and a half have been good. President Museveni is a very patient person, he’s been very patient with all of us he appoints. He believes more in concentrating on the strengths of the people he works with. By the time he (President Museveni) takes disciplinary action against you, it means he’s given you many chances,”

Ofwono Opondo tells off Donald Trump,

“Uganda is a very safe place for its citizens and tourists. We don’t need any lectures from him on how to protect our citizens. Actually, our security system works. We don’t have to go into arguments with Mr. Donald Trump or anybody.”

Ofwono Opondo fires back to US ambassador to Uganda

‘ ‘The U.S., which uses raw power to project its influence and interests around the world, is the least competent to ask other nations for democratic accountability. Uganda’s democracy is progressing well and we are satisfied with both the pace and achievements registered so far.’’

On Bobi Wine ‘torture’
‘’all artistes in the country, except ‘one’ enjoy freedom of performances. Save for one artiste, all artistes in Uganda enjoy freedom of performance and the media platforms are free. Equally, all politicians have free access to these media platforms”

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