Museveni: Protecting the environment is a matter of life and death for humanity

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President Museveni has said that humanity must do all it takes to protect and preserve the environment, failure of which, he noted, will culminate in a world disaster.

The President, who was chief guest at celebrations marking the World Environmental Day that was held in Ibanda Municipality, Ibanda district in South Western Uganda, said that humanity’s interference with the environment and nature is doing a great disservice to themselves and will in the end pay a heavy price as a result of degrading the environment.

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Tthe President enlisted several benefits that humanity gets by safeguarding the environment, said that attacking and degrading the environment, humanity is going against God’s wish and plans for mankind.
He said that God created all features in the world with a purpose to benefit mankind and it is wrong for people to invade and use particular features for wrongful purposes.

“God created for us a wonderful environment to live in but by degrading it we are going against His will. Water is our life and survival. Not even animals, or ourselves, can survive without water. There is no reason why we should interfere with anything related to water and the environment,” President Museveni said.

“We have not had enough rains for the last two seasons in Uganda and experts attribute it to the attack on the environment by people who invaded wetlands, forests, lakes and rivers that contribute 40% of the rains we get and we can’t go on like that,” he added.

The President, therefore, said that government is soon amending and strengthening the environment protection law to ensure that nobody should do any activity in a radius of 50 meters from a river bank, 200 meters from a lake shore and advised all people living or practicing agriculture in wetlands and forestry reserves, to leave them peacefully.

Mr. Museveni further said that protecting the environment is also important for tourism noting that the sector earns the country much more foreign exchange than most economic activities the country is engaged in.

The President, who described the environment as the genetic bank, appealed to all citizens of Uganda to prioritize environmental protection for the good of the current and future generations. He emphasized that they ought treat whoever is attacking the environment as their number one enemy.

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