Museveni: Minister Janet Museveni has done well; more reforms coming in the ministry of Education

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President Museveni on Thursday met with the parliamentary Public Accounts Committee on Local Governments.
The committee presented to the president a report on the findings on the performance of accounting officers of District Local Governments and Municipal Councils countrywide and irregularities in service delivery to the public.

On the issue of insufficient resources that the central governments gives to districts, the president advised that politicians and the administrative class should learn from the experience of the NRM, where ‘ ‘ we use scarce resources to achieve maximum impact.’’
Mr. Museveni asked Local governments to prioritise prioritise roads, electricity, health, education and defense as the resource envelope increases, tackle other areas.
‘ ‘Not everything can be done at the same time. Although the budget for local governments has been increased from Shs5b to Shs32000b, it is an illusion to think you can be everywhere and do everything at the same time.’’ He said.
The president agreed with the committee that there is a lot of dishonesty in local governments.

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‘ ‘Even the little resources we have are stolen. Government does not condone this, we are going to terminate the services of these officers and prosecute them.’’ He said.

Regarding the education, the president said he totally agrees with the committee about the corruption in the sector.
‘ ‘The current minister [ Hon. Janet Museveni]has seen it and reforms are underway. There is need for a total overhaul there. Recently, someone in procurement was sacked. Government will do a technical audit of the schools.’’
About creation of districts, Mr. Museveni said, some of them were created because of ethnicity and others for geographical reasons like Moyo and Adjumani which are separated by water.

early this year,the First Lady and Minister of Education, Janet Kataaha Museveni was recognized as the best performing minister, by the Buganda Leaders Caucus (BLC).BLC is a composition of youth leaders from Buganda region.

She was recognized for her excellent works in her ministry since she was appointed education minister for the past two years.

“She has been following each and every project in the ministry carrying out endless inspections in various areas to make sure head teachers and teachers do their work. She has been in touch with the people on ground to understand their problems,” Joseph Mukasa, the chairperson caucus said.

He said the committee evaluated all ministers since they came into office for the past two years.

“We were looking at how the ministers have been relating with the public, conduct, projects managed in their dockets and successes among others. We realized that most ministers did not go on ground to check on the projects being implemented and see whether they reach the intended beneficiaries,” Mukasa noted.

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