Museveni listens to me, accepts my recommendations on national issues- Andrew Mwenda

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By Moses Kaketo
Andrew Mwenda has come out to explain his relationship with president Museveni revealing that he regularly advises the president on national issues.
‘‘Let me address myself to my relationship with President Museveni. I deal with him’’ Says Mwenda.
Mwenda says in spite of all his [President Museveni] faults, he has found the president much more liberal, tolerant and open-minded person than his opponents.

The former critic of Mr. Museveni says meeting and advising the president on crucial matters is not a problem and that the president has always taken his recommendations on issues of national importance.
‘‘I go to see him [president Museveni] when there is an issue I consider of serious national concern. And each time I have gone seeking a particular decision, Museveni has always listened carefully and he has always accepted my recommendations.’’ Mwenda noted in his latest response to his critics.

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So which recommendations has Mwenda given to the president?

Two years later since losing his position as Press Secretary to the president, Tamale Mirundi still curses Andrew Mwenda. Mirundi claims Mwenda fabricated tapes to appear as if he [Mirundi] was abusing the president and the First Family.

Speaking recently on Radio Simba 97.3, the defeated Kyadondo East MP Apollo Katinti said Mwenda convinced president Museveni to re-appoint Richard Byarugaba managing Director NSSF even when Byarugaba had lost hope after he was defeated in both oral and written interviews.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Perhaps Mwenda [as he claims] has given more recommendations to the president than we actually get to know.

So does Mwenda ask for favours / get bribes from the president?

Mwenda is not so clear on this one. Mwenda says ‘‘If there is any bribe he [president Museveni] has given me therefore, it is this expression of maturity in leadership.’’
Opposition are activists and singers
Mwenda says the opposition are simply activists and singers. He adds ‘‘unlike his opponents who rely on rumors and hallucinations to inform their opinions on public policy, Museveni is scientific. That is why he is president’’

Ugandans are ill informed

Mwenda says he finds most public debate in Uganda emotional and ill informed. ‘‘This is a statement of fact not a moral judgment. People have a right to their ignorance and to express their frustrations emotionally. I don’t blame them even though I despise it. Secondly most Ugandan elites I encounter online are lazy, intellectually dull, always thinking within the box and taking no lessons from history. Many feel the sting of my attitude and mistake my irreverence for arrogance. I have no apologies for this.’’

He adds: In an ideal world, I would like to see Uganda develop a serious opposition that can challenge Museveni’s hold on power. The problem is that most of those who pose as the alternative are worse – uncouth, intolerant, anti-democratic, uninformed and angry. And I know most of you will mistake “most” for “all.” The opposition lack alternative ideas and believe their anger is sufficient to cause change.

Recommendations for the opposition

The old man of the clan [prefers to call himself so] has something for the opposition eager to take power form President Museveni.

‘ ‘You want power. But your cult leaders don’t understand its dynamics. Power is not something you find and just pick and take. Power (especially Museveni’s power that you want to wrestle from him) is cultivated, accumulated, harnessed and consolidated. To take it from him, you have to evolve superior organization and strategy, better social networks and a broader vision for our country than simply pointing at his weaknesses and mistakes, real and perceived.’’

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He adds: To convert your numbers into an effective political force, you need two things: organization and strategy. Unfortunately your leaders lack both. Museveni is not in power by accident. He is there by organization and strategy.

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  1. so what about President listening to your nonsense it means your misleading this country to get favours and get rich at the expense of this country then your the enemy of this country,who can hear an advice from aperson who can not convince a woman or a lady for mariage what advice get you get froma gay who fears gals shame upon you.
    your a nuisence to this country.

  2. You were once a critic of the government – you’ve never explained to us why you defected. Until you do so, you’re words are only a noisy gong in the ears. Nobody takes you seriously. You too are a shame to the nation.

    You’re here yapping that opposition should get serious yet you know the state machinery can’t give them a chance to organize themselves!!! Was it not your Programme that on man occasions caused the attack and closure of KFM on numerous occasions? You forget that easily?


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