Museveni launches committee to write a constitution for the East African Political Federation

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President Yoweri Museveni on Monday launched the process of consulting on the viability of an East African Political Federation which is being undertaken by a committee of experts led by Chief Justice Emeritus Benjamin Odoki.

In his speech, the president said : Whereas prosperity can be achieved through economic integration, strategic security is difficult to achieve when we stay as separate countries. A political federation gives us a strong centre of gravity.
‘’If we can insure cars, insure houses, why don’t we insure Africa? What is the insurance policy for Africa against aggression? The world powers are dominating us in space, water and land. Africa must think of how to secure itself’’ he said

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He added: The other reasons for our unity have to do with economic prosperity of our people and cementing our fraternity. A big market is important and so is strengthing our brotherhood. I wish the Odoki team all the best as they start this journey of consultation and writing a constitution for the federation.

Early this year, President Museveni was tasked by EAC Heads of State to oversee the process of turning the bloc into a political federation.
In this role, Mr. Museveni was tasked to offer political guidance to a group of mainly constitutional experts, nominated by member states, to expedite the process. This group is expected to present an interim report within seven months.
Meanwhile, tensions between Rwanda and Burundi, another EAC member, remain very high. February 2019. President Kagame closed Rwanda’s border with Uganda — a member state of EAC

“I also thank my colleagues for entrusting me with the duty of supervising the process of building a political confederation. I commit to ensuring the team of experts chosen by the EAC to handle this task delivers on time,” Museveni said in after the meeting.

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