Museveni: it is God who put me in leadership position

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President Museveni who was the chief guest at the National Prayer Breakfast held on Monday at Hotel Africana called on leaders and participants to be accountable citing Luke 16:10 “Whoever is faithful in little things will also be faithful in much”
“You the leaders should be very careful. If you get a little trust, make sure you use it well. When you fulfill the little trust, then you will get bigger trust.”

The function was also attended by Mr James F. Clayborne, senator of the Illinois State, United States of America and Dr. Derrick Samuels – Motivational Speaker and currently president of Derrick Samuels Leadership Institute, United States of America.
Museveni told participants that God put him the leadership position because he fulfilled the small responsibilities he was entrusted with decades ago, during the liberation war.
The national prayer breakfast organized by MPs, to pray for Uganda and inspire leaders to a renewed faith in God.
The prayers were attended by leaders from all branches of government, business communities, diplomatic corps, and civil society among others.

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The President explained how he would from Tanzania at a big risk his life.
He cited instances where he was deployed by former Tanzanian leader Malimu Julius Nyerere, to come from Tanzania and sneak into Uganda to check on the progress of the resistance against President Idi Amin.
Museveni said it was because of this diligence, that God looked at him and thought he would be deserving of bigger responsibilities.”

God said; ‘I think this man should get more trust.’”
August last year, president Museveni said, without God, he wouldn’t be president of Uganda. The president made the revelation at St Luke Kinoni Church of Uganda, as he commemorated 70 years since he was baptised.
The Uganda national prayer breakfast has been held in Uganda since 1991. The very first prayer breakfast was hosted by Mr Museveni at the Sheraton Hotel on December 5 under the theme “Love of God in Government”.

This year’s prayer breakfast under the theme: “All hard work brings profit but mere talk leads to poverty” taken from the book of Proverbs 14:23.

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