Museveni: In 50 years with my wife, I have never raised a hand against her

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President Museveni has said that women are the base of society and, therefore, should not be marginalized.
The Museveni made the remarks during the celebrations to mark International Women’s Day held at Busuubizi Core Primary Teachers’ College in Mityana district. This year’s theme is “Empowerment of Rural Women and Girls: Opportunities and Challenges.”

President Museveni said that from the very beginning, the National Resistance Movement (NRM) did not agree with the old societies’ practice of marginalizing women and went ahead to recruit them into the liberation Army even when everyone thought they would not be able to fight.
The President said that apart from the Army, the NRM government has also empowered women to join politics, get education and own property. He said that because of the NRM policies, women have now joined the Army yet previously they were only in the Police Force.

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Regarding the issue of property ownership, the President said that men had monopolized property ownership and women would not inherit property but this has since then been changed.
“A girl would not inherit where she was born or where she was married but we moved very carefully in our guerilla way and said nobody should sell the marital home without the consent of the wife,” he said.

President Museveni called upon parents to allow their daughters and widows inherit property.
“In my family, I will leave my daughters property just like my son General Muhoozi Kainerugaba will do,” he said.
The President also asked Local Government officials to stop collecting taxes from low earners such as ‘muchomo’ and gonja (plantain) grillers along the roads. Collecting taxes from such people, he said, can cause you a lot of curses because those people are already poor.

President Museveni also warned men against domestic abuse. He said in his 50 years with his wife, Janet Museveni, he has never raised a hand against her.
“If you see a man beat a woman know that he is stupid and a coward. If a man wants to fight someone, he should look for a fellow man to fight with. If you beat a woman and after, wear pants that you are a man, I cannot respect you,” he said.

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