Museveni: I joined politics 50 years ago to fight tribalism, rural poverty

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President Yoweri Museveni told leaders of West Nile on Friday that he joined politics 56 years ago to fight tribalism and rural poverty

‘ ‘I got into politics about 56 years ago mainly to fight sectarianism and politics of identity. It was almost a given then that if you were Catholic you had to be DP, Protestants were UPC while Baganda belonged to Kabaka Yeeka (KY) party.’’
He added: My second motivation was Pan-Africanism. Few leaders cared about the unity of the African continent. In our student groups, we could see that the unity of African states was of strategic importance for markets and economic prosperity.

Mr. Museveni also said that the politicians did not care about the fortunes of the rural population, rarely supported and guided them on how to improve their livelihoods, especially through commercial agriculture.
‘‘We got involved in leadership to try and change this attitude. It has taken us time but we have resolved most of the issues now. The politics is stable, we are secure as a country and we are doing well on the development front with investments in infrastructure, human resource and others.’’ He said.

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The president who is on countrywide tour to promote government programmes on wealth creation and job creation said the focus is now shifting to how we can ensure Uganda become prosperous, mainly through commercial agriculture.
Gen. Museveni asked the people of West Nile to adopt the four-acre model- it is ideal for commercial agriculture and I implore citizens to implement it.
He also called on wanainchi to desist from land fragmentation because small land holdings are not commercially viable.

The president said the government will support viable wanainchi enterprises through the different funds; youth, women, Saccos and the Operation Wealth Creation fund.

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