Museveni: I do not engage in things I am not well-informed about

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President Museveni has revealed that he has succeeded in things he does because he does not engage in things, his not knowledgeable about. Adding that he has always addressed issues based on understanding, not just talk.

Mr. Museveni made the revelation last week as he laid a foundation stone at the point where the 1,400km Uganda-Tanzania crude oil pipeline will start. The point is in Kabaale parish, Buseruka Sub-county, Hoima District.
‘‘The British began oil exploration in the Albertine region in the 1920s and gave up in 1956 when they lost hope and concluded that there was no oil in this place. In 1986, a group of British companies came and told me they wanted to give it a shot again and prospect for oil in Bunyoro region. However, Uganda had no experts on oil and we lacked requisite knowledge. Always, I do not engage in things I am not knowledgeable about.’’ He said.

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He added: I sent young professionals who had studied geology and related courses to go abroad and study oil excavation, exploration, extraction etc. It is this group that came and established that indeed there was oil in this region (Bunyoro).
‘‘That is the NRM method of work; study a problem and deal with it only when you fully understand it. Address issues based on knowledge, not just talk .I was therefore pleased to witness the laying of a foundation to transport oil to the world market.’’ Said Mr. Museveni.
Meanwhile, the President promised to follow Tanzanian President Magufuli’s model of operation to fight corruption in Uganda.

Addressing a joint press conference at State Lodge in Masaka on Friday, Magufuli said corruption cannot be fought successfully without the involvement of the general public. Adding that the fight against corruption needs decisive action from the top leadership of the country like the presidency and it also requires a leadership that is ready to enforce it
Magufuli said by leading as an example on limiting foreign travels, the country has been able to save lots of money that has been diverted into development. Government officials in Tanzania need clearance from Magufuli himself for travels abroad.

Magufuli revealed that the money saved from purging the government of ghost workers, restricted travels abroad and other anti-corruption initiatives has been used to increase the country’s development budget from 26 percent to 40 percent.
Magufuli said it is from such savings that the government of Tanzania is funding its 726 kilometer Standard Gauge Railway at a cost of Tshs 7.1 trillion.

Museveni said Magufuli is succeeding in the war on corruption because he is not entertaining bureaucratic methods when dealing with the corrupt. Magufuli said corruption is yet to be eliminated from Tanzania.
“Corruption is a really an enemy, but President Magufuli has given us new impetus. Even me, I’m picking new things from him which you will hear about in the coming days”, Museveni said.

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