Museveni, grandson tour Kisozi farm; talk culture, heritage & agriculture

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President Yoweri Museveni on Wednesday had ‘illuminating conversation’ with his grandson at his farm in Kisozi, Gomba District.
‘‘At the farm in Kisozi, Gomba, I had an illuminating conversation with my grandson on; culture, heritage, and agriculture, while we herded.’’ The president posted.

The ranch which sits on about ten square miles, with more than 5,000 head of cattle is located on the border of Sembabule and Gomba districts
The head of state says he apprised him of the basics in ensuring high milk yields irrespective of the physical look of cows.
‘ ‘Like I always state, we should not concentrate on the physical look of cows, their color, the shape of horns etc. The priority is to concentrate on milk yield, beauty is important but secondary’’

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‘ ‘ This is the best calculation for those rearing cattle.’’ He emphasized.
Museveni has previously said that each cow on average produces about 25 litres of milk daily and they are working to improve the yield. Museveni also says indigenous breed is much more resistant to diseases than the Friesians and less costly to rear. It has high quality beef compared to Fresian breed.

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