Museveni gives one billion to national patriotism SACCO

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Thousands on Saturday turned up for President Museveni’s heavily publicized youth-targeted Patriotism Fete at Kololo airstrip.
The event was organized by Balaam Barugahare.

The president praised thousands of young people who gathered to demonstrate love for their country.
‘ ‘At Kololo Airstrip I interfaced with thousands of young people who had gathered to demonstrate love for their country at a function organized by the National Patriotism Secretariat and other young people like my son Balaam Barugahara’’ the president said.

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He added: I commend the leaders of the patriotism clubs across the country, which we started about a decade ago, for inculcating the love of country in our young people and helping them appreciate our history.
The Head of State that explained that beyond patriotism, the clubs also teach basics like hygiene and other health-related issues plus wealth creation.

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The president also revealed that government will support the national patriotism SACCO with Shs1 billion ‘ ‘mainly for wealth creation activities.’’

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