Museveni gives 190 million to 38 families in Katakwi District

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President Museveni on Sunday fulfilled his pledge of Shs.190 million support to 38 families in Usuk County Katakwi District in Teso Sub-Region that lost their relatives at the hands of marauding Karimojong cattle rustlers in 2001 and 2003.
Each family got Shs.5 million from the President.

The slain people died in two separate attacks on Ngariam Internally Displaced People’s camp in 2001 in which 17 people were killed and in 2003 as the rustlers’ attacked Opeuraudot IDP camp that saw 21 people lose their lives.
The Presidential pledge was fulfilled after a Memorial Mass for the slain people.
President Museveni used the occasion to urge all the National Resistance Movement (NRM) and other leaders to expend their energy on helping wananchi to create wealth in their homesteads to be able to meet their day-to-day family needs.

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He said that since the NRM Government has already put in place the necessary infrastructure, it is important for people to work and earn income to be able to grapple with the needs of their families.
Regarding the issue of compensation to the people who lost their cattle to Karimojong rustlers, the President said the exercise will be done gradually as funds will be allocated each financial year to handle the matter once and for all.

Fr. Father Julius Odeng noted that the NRM Government’s efforts have not only resulted in the peace that has seen people return to their homes but also helped them to engage in production activities.

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