Museveni donates 500M towards the construction of new All Saints Cathedral in Nakasero

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President Museveni on Sunday joined Christians at All Saints Cathedral, Nakasero for a fundraising service, He also visited the construction site for the new cathedral.
Mr. Museveni congratulated the parishioners on the decision to build a new house for the Lord. ‘‘It would be easy if all the Christians were following what Jesus did, by engaging in income generating activities. The church would be built in a short time.’’ He said.

He added: Besides feeding the hungry, preaching and healing the sick, Jesus was also a carpenter. Every Christian must engage in an economic activity, especially in commercial agriculture, the services sector or ICT.
The president said Christians must refrain from the escapist attitude of saying that they are mere visitors on earth. ‘ ‘We must subdue nature and use it for both God’s and man’s good.’’

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He announced that government will make a Ugx. 500 million contribution towards the construction of the new cathedral.Archbishop of the Church of Uganda and Bishop Diocese of Kampala, Most Rev. Stanley Ntagali thanked the President for his official visit to the Cathedral and his contribution.

“I sincerely thank you for your continuous undoubted support, friendship and partnership with the Church of Uganda, and also your parish and neighbor; All Saints’Cathedral Kampala” Archbishop Said.
the project was launched in 2013. The cathedral has been stretched to its limits on all sides to accommodate the raising numbers. So a needs assessment was carried out and the idea of an altogether new cathedral building to cost $10 million (26 billion) was muted

All Saints Cathedral is one of the oldest churches in Uganda, and is involved in community activities such as hospitality for street kids, orphans and the destitute, counselling and health (HIV/Aids initiatives), education, stewardship, leadership development and a host of other youth programmes
Building phases

Phase 1: Involves foundations, retaining structures, building lower basement for parking, upper basement for offices, and ground floor (main sanctuary). It commenced in December 2010 was completed at the end of July 2012.
Phase 2: Includes superstructure frame, two galleries, vestries, bell tower, and roofing.
Phase 3: Will involve finishings, furnishings, equipment, etc. Phase 2 and 3 are scheduled to be complete in the next three years.

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