Museveni: Christians have lost focus allowing HOMOSEXUALITY TO PENETRATE THE CHURCH

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President Yoweri Museveni has urged Christian and Muslim leaders on the African continent to engage their flocks by sensitising them about the law of economic productivity.
“Unlike countries in the western world, Africa has lagged behind because it has lived a situation of under-production and under-consumption. This is is a problem to both the church and government, for instance citizens do not contribute enough to the church”, he said.

The president was speaking at the celebrations to mark the Golden Jubilee of the Symposium of Episcopal Conferences of Africa and Madagascar (SECAM) held at Lubaga Cathedral in Kampala City.
SECAM was established in 1969 and inaugurated by Pope Paul VI at Lubaga Cathedral to enable African bishops manage religious work in solidarity and collegiality at the Pan-African level and promote the catholic church`s participation in education, spirituality and church family. In the same year, Pope Paul VI also honoured the Uganda martyrs.

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Delivering his remarks to the congregation of bishops, participants attending the 18th Assembly Plenary Assembly and Golden Jubilee of SECAM graced by ten Cardinals, President Museveni observed that Uganda is a country of blessings. “All these bishops present here have brought blessings to Uganda.”
He however, challenged the congregation that though Africa has spiritually grown more than any other continent in the world, reinforcing Africa spiritual position should be in consonance with Africa’s people economic welfare.

Museveni noted that without doubt, Africa is doing well spiritually than any other continent in the world, where, according to him, the flock and shepherds seem to have lost focus and allowed evils like homosexuality to penetrate the church.

“I’m very glad that spiritually Africa is doing much better than other continents. Other continents are in deep spiritual crisis and I don’t have to go to the details. When somebody can get to a situation where they can’t tell a difference between a man and a man, then you know there is a very serious situation there.” said Museveni.

He wondered why Africa with a population of 1.3 billion people, land with great wealth not developed in comparison to Europe, which is four times less the size of Africa with a population of 320 million people be tremendously developed.
“I have a good understanding especially for the Ugandan families for the last 50 years. The reason is simple, culture”, he said adding that Africans are stuck in subsistence farming. Only working for the stomach not considering the element of money and accountability and profitability.

He strongly warned that modern life is for money, economic evaluation and profitability of the economy.
Citing the biblical parable of talents in relation to God’s creation of Man in the book of Genesis, Mr. Museveni noted that God created man mainly for two purposes; to multiply and fill the earth. God also created man with a mission for man to have dominion over nature for man’s needs like controlling disaster or disease. But man has fulfilled the first mission to multiply, he said.

He therefore challenged Christians that “hare the talents that are God given multiplied” to enhance Africans economic wellbeing by sensitisation? the president questioned.
The Archbishop of Kampala Archdiocese Cyprian Lwanga thanked President Museveni and the government for the good working collaboration with the catholic church

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