Museveni celebrates NRM MASSIVE WIN IN LC1 ELECTIONS, says lining up has exposed cheating by Opposition

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President Museveni has hailed Ugandans for turning up in big numbers to vote for their Local Council leaders on Tuesday but importantly for giving the National Resistance Movement a resounding endorsement in the elections.

Gen. Museveni noted that NRM had won more massively. “The details will be provided. The Sub County of Kahanda (Kawanda), there are 40 villages. NRM won 36 and the NRM independents won the other four. Opposition zero. On this side of the Katonga River, the Goomba side, the NRM won in all the surrounding villages: Kisozi A, Kisozi B, Kajumiro, etc. It is only in Kirasi that elections were postponed because somebody had imported voters from other areas,” Mr Museveni added.

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The president says lining behind a candidate of one’s choice in the local council elections has exposed cheating by the Opposition. “Thanks Ugandans for putting to shame the enemies of Uganda. Uganda is un-stoppable. The lining behind candidates of one’s choice has exposed the cheating by the Opposition, especially in towns, using the laxity of the NRM officials, the police and the Electoral Commission,” said Mr Museveni citing the example of Jinja East where he said 1400 ghost voters were reported in one of the parishes.

“Uganda belongs to Ugandans. The traitors and the parasites will never take it over,” the president said in brief statement posted on social media on Wednesday evening.
According to Electoral Commission, 91 per cent of the 60,800 villages successfully elected their LC1 leaders on Tuesday, which the EC chairman Justice Byabakama described as a successful exercise.

The National Resistance Movement is said to have spent up to 11,876,450,000 for the mobilization and preparation of party candidates for LCI, LCII and women council chairpersons. This is Contrary to previous reports that each of its 305 NRM MPs are getting Shs 3m, However, media reports indicate some legislators bagged up to 56m to take to their respective constituencies for party flag bearers.

In June this year, the NRM secretary general Justine Kasule Lumumba told the press at the party headquarters on Kyadondo Road in Kampala that money was meant to transport flag bearers, hiring tents and public address system for these conferences in their areas,” Lumumba said.

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