Museveni calls on people of Kasese, Rwenzori region ‘‘forget the negative past’’

File photo: President Museveni with Rwenzururu king Charles Wesley Mumbere
File photo: President Museveni with Rwenzururu King Charles Wesley Mumbere
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President Museveni has asked the people of Rwenzori forget the negative past, just like he has been helping the children of the past Ugandan presidents with big government posts.

Museveni said that NRM is a peace loving party that does not believe in vendetta and that’s why up to today, the party continues to work with people we fought in the past.
The President made remarks at the Kasese Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) fundraising for the Better Living Centre, a multi-purpose facility that will serve as a church and also host several other income-generating projects, where he was chief guest.

‘‘I appeal to the people of Kasese and the Rwenzori region to embrace peace and shun the endless wars and conflicts that have retarded development and cost lives. Rwenzori region is blessed with abundant resources for agriculture, tourism, minerals that are crucial for industrialisation and a brilliant and hard working population. However, the endless wars and conflicts that have characterised the region have hindered its development’’ he said.

The president urged the people of Rwenzori forget the negative past and embrace reconciliation as espoused in the NRM ideology. In NRM, we don’t believe in vendetta. That’s why today we work with people we fought in the past.
‘ ‘The late Idi Amin’s son, Brigadier Taban, is a senior director in our intelligence services while the late Milton Obote’s daughter-in-law and the late Tito Okello’s son are senior ministers in the NRM government because we never carry vendetta once conflicts are over.’’ He said

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Adding that: You need to embrace peace and treat each other with respect and dignity so that we live in harmony. Respect others the way they are and things will be easy for you in this world. I urge religious leaders here to lead the reconciliation process in line with God’s cardinal commandment of “Love your neighbour as you love yourself”’

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In addition to the Shs100m that the president had sent earlier to support the construction works, Museveni donated another Shs200m towards the facility’s completion.

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