Museveni asks new ministers to desist from any form of corruption

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Newly appointed ministers took oath of office on Monday at State House Entebbe.
President Yoweri MuseveniI called upon all ministers and public servants to desist from engaging in any form of corruption.

‘’Corruption by any government officials is a great betrayal to Ugandans who are desperately yearning for service delivery.’’ He said
He added: I implore the general public to embrace this fight and report the crooked officials with evidence, as opposed to rumours and we will take action.

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On December 31, 2019, President Museveni in his televised end of year speech, Like in his end of 2018 speech, promised to end corruption
The Head of State said there no one that his government is afraid to take on in the fight against corruption. He asked Ugandans to watch the space in his fight against corruption.

‘’ There is no corrupt individual that we cannot bring down. All we want is evidence. We never want to be unfair to anybody. Stay tuned on this.’’ He said.

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